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Essential Ingredients
Where did we come from?
Why are we here?
What am I?

From the smallest insect to the largest animal, each has life.
All breathe, eat, make, love and die; just biological robots they can't ask
or answer those questions, or care, they began as earth and end so.
We can gain infinitely more from life than these?  

Humans were given brain and will-power exclusive to humans!
We can change our way of life; our world and our future. 
Could chance assemble that simple chair of wood?
How foolish are those who ignore these gifts!

Have you asked yourself:  Is there more to life than I see?
How much potential does human life offer? 
Why is life such a challenge?
Is there an anti-life?

Think: "Have we advanced since our beginning?"
Have our bodies changed?  Have we gained? 
Are we happier now than when living in caves?
Have we more joys – less fears?  Less delights – more tears?
Has technology increased spiritual potential?
How little we yet know – how far can we go?

Flying high in dreams; is your dream no more than it seems?

Oh child of life awaken now,
give me your hand a minute.
For to you child I'll make a vow
that life has much more in it – that life has much more in it
than a dream that lasts a minute.

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